Mobile Platform Connecting Local Businesses With Local Consumers

Available on App Store and Play Store

Amazing Features

Set-Up in Minutes

Download the app, create your business profile and add an offer. All functionality managed from your smart phone and always available in the palm of your hand.

You Control Redemptions

Unlike printed coupons, you can control how many are redeemed. So go ahead, make that blowout offer to attract happy customers.

It's Real Time

Add, modify or delete your offers and promotional events anytime you like. It all happens in real time.

Get Social Media Exposure

It's easy and seamless for customers to share your offers on Facebook and Twitter, so you can reach thousands of their friends via social media.

Mobile Promotion via Push Notifications

When a customer gets one of your offers, your business becomes one of their favorites. Now when you add a new offer, a push notification is automatically sent to all of these customers.

See Results Immediately

You get an in-app dashboard showing how many times your offers were viewed, saved and redeemed. You'll be notified of every activity so you can see results in real time.

What is Tap N Save?

Tap N' Save™ is a mobile coupon application where shoppers get instant deals and special offers from main street merchants and local businesses, sent directly to their cell phones and tablets.

It's easy — just use the FREE app, find a local store, restaurant or business you'd like to patronize, and 'tap' to get their offer. You'll also receive instant notification the next time your favorite store or business posts a new offer.

Offers are arranged by proximity to your mobile device, so deals are available wherever you are, whenever you want them!

Shop local, buy local, save money and support businesses in your community with Tap N' Save™.


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